Members of our congregation enjoy getting together for dinner and discussion, talk about books, even play the occasional poker game or Friday night beer. We also have annual events, such as the Ice Cream Social in late summer, Harvest Feast in the Fall, and others. Keep an eye out for announcements about these and other events in the eBlast and Unigram.  Here are some of our small to mid-size groups that meet regularly:

Body Life Dinners

Each Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m., several of us gather for a carry-in here at the church. Our focus each week is supporting our college-age and young adult folks. This carry-in is an all-church event, so we welcome all who would like to join us. Some weeks we have a theme (gardening tips, dinner & a movie, celebrating birthdays, etc.), but every week we try to bring a younger friend. Come feed your soul and your body with nurturing fellowship and good food.


Our choir is over forty members large, and rehearses  most Tuesdays from 7:30 to 9pm in the Sanctuary, from September through May.  Every choir rehearsal closes with food and fellowship time, so if you’re a singer and would like to join us, please consider doing so!  You can learn more about our music program and the choir here.

Circle in the Woods

An open, casual, ecclectic Earth-centered/Neo-pagan ritual. All are welcome, especially members of Earth Centered traditions, those interested or simply curious. Please come, observe and participate at the Spirit moves you.

For more information and current meeting dates, please contact Leo Farnsworth (luciusstorm@yahoo.com)

Dinner Discussion

Dinner Discussion groups meet monthly for food and fellowship using the potluck model, either meeting at the church, or rotating between people’s homes.  Groups typically contain 7-10 members, and meet from November through June.  Sign-ups each year usually happen in October, but if you’re interested in joining one mid-stream newcomers are always welcome.  E-mail uucm@uuchurchmuncie.org for more information.

Revival Hour

Good food; good company. The Revival Hour meets every Wed. at 5:30 p.m. for food and refreshments at announced locations. Most weeks the group is made up primarily of elders, though any age is welcome. The more the merrier! See the current issue of the Unigram for upcoming gathering places.

UU Book Discussion Group

The UU Book Discussion Group was organized in Spring of 2011. It presently includes about a dozen participants of varying ages who share a love of reading and talking about interesting books. Members of the group suggest titles—predominantly fiction. Usually, but not always, the discussion is led by the person who suggested the book. Members meet on the second Thursdays of the month at the home of Annemarie Voss.  Check the Unigram for announcements of the titles/dates.