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Forms and other types of information of interest to members and friends of the church are available here.

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Please use the Childcare Request Form if you wish to request childcare for a church event.  If you have any questions or concerns about childcare for your event, please e-mail our Childcare Coordinator at

Church Directory Update

Our church directory helps us all keep in touch and facilitates the good work we do in the world.  To update your information in our church directory, or provide it for the first time, please use the Directory Update Form.

We typically publish an updated print version of the directory in late October/early November each year.  We also update our digital version of the directory throughout the year as new information comes – if you would like an electronic copy of most recent version of the directory sent to you, please e-mail your request to


Pledge Form

To make a pledge to support the operating budget of our church for the current year, please download, fill out and submit to the office the 2016-2017 Pledge Form – our church financial year runs in a 12-month period from July 1st to June 30th.  To make your pledge for this year’s stewardship campaign for the 2017-2018 operating budget, please use the 2017-2018 Pledge Form.

Automatic Pledge Payments

Once you’ve filled out and submitted your pledge, you have the option to set up your pledge payments to be automatically deducted from your bank account every month.

To auto-deduct your pledge for this, complete and drop a 2016-2017 Pledge Debit Authorization Form along with a voided check in the Office Administrator’s mailbox in the church office.  To auto-deduct your pledge for next year beginning in July 2017, please use the 2017-2018 Pledge Debit Authorization Form.

If you have any questions or concerns about pledge forms or pledge auto-deducting, please contact

Property Maintenance

If you find a problem with the physical structure of the church somewhere – think clogged toilet, leaking sink, or broken window – please use the Property Maintenance Request Form to send a repair request directly to the Property Maintenance Committee.


If you are planning on advertising in any of the church publications – the Unigram, the eBlast, or the Sunday morning Order of Service – or on the church’s social media presence – Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter – please read and follow our Publication Guidelines before preparing your content, and then use the Publicity Process to submit it.

Pulpit Announcements

Please submit a Pulpit Announcement Request Form to request a pulpit announcement on Sunday morning for your committee, program or event.

Please be aware that

  • the deadline for submitting a request is the Friday before the service at 5pm – any announcement requests submitted after that time will not be processed
  • depending on the volume of the requests (we try to have no more than 3 announcements) we may not be able to honor every request for a pulpit announcement – priority is given to those events happening sooner
  • your request may be edited for length and/or content, to fit the needs of the service

Standing Committees

To view a list of the Standing Committees of the church, a brief description of their function, and the name of the current chairperson, click here.