Practicing Inclusivity

Our church welcomes all people without regard to age, race, national origin, ableness, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

We welcome people of diverse theological perspectives, including atheists, agnostics, theists, and polytheists.  We welcome those who identify as Pagan, secular humanist, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, Hindu, religious humanist, Muslim, Jewish, and more.  We draw the line at theologies that encourage violence, harm or oppression towards other people – we believe each individual’s right to safety, security and happiness trumps other people’s right to beliefs of their choice.

When we say we practice inclusivity, we mean it.  We do our best to welcome everybody, and, we are also aware we are imperfect.  When we recognize that we are falling short, we do our best to change our attitudes and behaviors.  It is for this reason that our national organization, the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), created the Welcoming Congregation program.   Unitarian Universalist congregations were saying we were welcoming to the LGBTQ community, but unfortunately folks who were attending found us falling short of our of ideals, despite our professed support.  The UUA thus created a program to help each congregation who elected to participate do a better job of actually living into the verbal proclamations we were making, and become more truly welcoming to the LGBTQ community.  Our church, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Muncie, is proud to have completed this program and officially be a Welcoming Congregation since 2003.

You are welcome here.