Children’s Religious Education FAQ

When are services/classes?

Worship services begin at 9 and 11.  Nursery and preschool classes begin 15 minutes before the start of the service, extend through 10-11 Social hour, and end at 12:15.

All other children and youth begin in the service with their parents and are sung out to their classrooms following the Story for All Ages.  Classes end at 10 for the first service, and 12:15 for the second service.


What should children wear?

Children should wear comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor play and/or art activities.


Do you serve food?

Snacks are served in each classroom and are typically crackers and apple juice or water.  There are times when the preparation and eating of foods may be part of the morning’s lesson.  We ask that food and other allergies be noted on the guest and registration forms.


Are my children welcome in the service?

Children and youth in grades K-12th begin in the service with their parents and go to their classes following the Story for All Ages.  Children are always welcome to remain with their family in the service.  Throughout the year, multigenerational services are planned that are welcoming to all ages.


Can my baby stay with me in the service?

Yes!  Babies are always welcome to stay in the service.  However, an adult staffed nursery is available for the care of young ones when parents and children are ready to separate.


Do I need to volunteer?

We are a cooperative program and depend on all families to volunteer in some aspect, whether on Sunday morning or at other times. We encourage you to donate your time, talent and presence.  We appreciate volunteers in the classroom as teachers and assistants, on our Religious Education Committee, and in sharing special interests.


Do I need to register? 

Parents and guardians are asked to complete a registration form for children and youth after three visits.


Is there a registration fee?

We do not charge a registration fee. However, your financial pledge supports the total church canvass which supports the RE program. Your generous financial support provides us with an adequate budget for purchase of classroom supplies, materials, curricula, etc.  Special programs such as Coming of Age, Boston Bound Heritage Trip, and Our Whole Lives sexuality education classes require a special fee.


Do I have to be a congregational member to enroll my child in religious education classes?

There is no membership requirement for families to participate in our program.